Hoarding Addiction

HoardingHoarding addiction is a sickness where possessions are stored throughout their home and never thrown away or used even if the possessions are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. People who are considered “hoarders” can have massive amounts of possessions throughout their entire property, inside of their home and in places that cause their daily life to be difficult such as their shower, bed, and kitchen.

Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarders feel as if their possessions are their safe zones or without the things in their life they will not be able to live. People have been known to hoard animals, food, and trash. Any of these things in large numbers and over time can cause a person’s health to diminish. Hoarding addiction can cause a person to lose their family and friends because of their need for more and more clutter. Other people do not understand that hoarders need help when it comes to them facing their disease. In some cases, people who hoarded over the years have been found dead inside of all their clutter, or if their was a medical emergency paramedics could not make it through the clutter causing the person to die.

A hoarder thinks that the possessions that they own, even if they are dangerous, might be useful in the future. Hoarding is a disease that requires many years of therapy and counseling depending on the condition of the person’s addiction to their possessions. If hoarding addiction is something that you are struggling with, make the change now. This addiction problem will only escalate if you do not try to make a difference in your life now.

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